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8206/23/2019 16:12
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Tory MP backs unseated colleague
Tory MP backs unseated colleague

A Conservative MP has said he would vote to allow Chris Davies to stand as the party's candidate in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

A by-election was triggered after to remove him.

The recall petition was held after .

Glyn Davies, the MP for neighbouring Montgomeryshire, gave Mr Davies his backing.

The local Conservative Party will meet later on Sunday to decide whether Mr Davies will be allowed to stand as their candidate.

Mr Davies was after trying to split the cost of £700 worth of pictures between two office budgets by creating fake invoices, when he could have claimed the amount by other means.

He and told to carry out 50 hours of community service.

'Second chance'

"He's made a mistake. He's apologised for the mistake," Glyn Davies told BBC .

"The issue is whether there should be a second chance. There is a process. There is a parliamentary process - we've gone through that process.

"Now there will be a by-election and the people of Brecon and Radnorshire will have to decide what the future should be."

Friday's vote to hold a by-election accounted for 19% of the total electorate - almost double the 10% threshold required to trigger a by-election.

Despite that, Glyn Davies said he would like to see the former MP stand again.

"I would vote for Chris to be the candidate," he added.

"We have processes. I think the party centrally will have a view and I think the local party in Brecon and Radnor will have a view."

The Liberal Democrats and Labour have already selected candidates for the by-election, while the Brexit Party will also be taking part.

Recall petitions are launched when MPs receive a custodial or suspended sentence, are barred from the Commons for 10 sitting days or are convicted of providing false information about their expenses.

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