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18106/27/2018 11:33
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Shooting Capri's sailing from a helicopter
Shooting Capri's sailing from a helicopter

With the 2018 European summer finally here, the Mediterranean season of sailing has begun -- and with its beautiful views, crystal clear waters and perfect conditions, the Italian island of Capri stands out.

This year at the Rolex Capri Sailing Week, CNN's Shirley Robertson takes you behind the scenes of how the team at MainSail get the perfect helicopter shots for the show.

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"The transfer is not straight forward," Robertson said. "We've got half an hour in a motorboat, and then half an hour in a taxi on another island."

After a beautiful drive through the coastal town of Sorrento in Italy's south, the team arrived at the helipad and took off over the seaside cliffs.

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"We get in helicopters a lot," said the double Olympic champion, "but being up there you realize it's such a privileged view to see Capri from above."

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"It's absolutely stunning (to see) but also the yachts -- the Maxi 72s -- when you see them in all their glory it's a special thing. We're very lucky."

Watch the video above to see the process of getting beautiful helicopter shots over Capri.

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